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October 06, 2008


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I had alot of fun attending this event. The wall was beautiful with all the various artists visions. The energy was enthusiastic and left us hungry for more. I hope they offer this again. I think this is a great addition to K Street and the owner of the property has a spectacular vision of the future for midtown.


No better way to spruce up an alley!
Local owner Thomas Roth has taken a once plain, parking lot wall and converted it into a canvas for a distinctively Midtown collogue. With over 30 local artists painting their peace across a cinder block mural, the Midtown Alley Project brings a personal touch to spread the community love. Though a handful of spaces remain vacant, this vibrant expression of self and Sac. only gets better as the days pull on. Stay tuned.



This wall is a wonderful addition to the Midtown art scene! I love the way it brings local art and artists together, building the art community and creating a more public and unified presence of artists. I know this is a labor of love for the property owner and people involved. And you've got some pretty hot talent there, too! My hat is off to you. We need more of these!


Another reason to come downtown and enjoy the Art in a casual and up close manner. Local boy makes good Tom Roth has done a splendid job cultivating this kind of thing downtown. Keep It Up. Thanks

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